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How To Get Rid of Cockroaches in Los Angeles

Have cockroaches entered your home in Los Angeles? Learn about the most effective strategies for dealing with cockroaches with Brooks Pest Control.

If you live in Los Angeles or the surrounding area, you may end up dealing with cockroaches. Once cockroaches enter your home, they can quickly multiply and spread throughout your house, causing damage.

Fortunately, there are solutions if you have a cockroach problem in your house. In this blog, we’ll discuss the efficacy of cockroach treatment methods such as baits, sprays, traps, exclusion, and professional pest control.

How Cockroaches Can Get Into Your Home

Finding out how cockroaches get into your home could help you solve your problem. By blocking their passageway, you could lower the number of cockroaches getting into your home. Common ways cockroaches get into homes include:

  • Crawling through small cracks
  • Finding openings around doors
  • Crawling through pipes
  • Catching a ride on your backpack or suitcase

If you’re seeing cockroaches in your Los Angeles apartment, there may be a larger issue within the building. If your property manager doesn’t provide pest control, we can help.

How To Prevent Cockroaches From Entering Your Home

Regardless of how the cockroaches have entered your home, there are steps you can take to prevent them from entering in the future. Take the time to thoroughly inspect the exterior of your home for possible roach entry points–cockroaches can fit through a smaller space than you might think, so look closely.

Additionally, it’s important to keep a clean home, especially in your kitchen and bathroom. The two things that cockroaches need to survive are food and water, so by eliminating any crumbs or food spills and fixing leaky pipes, you minimize your chances of cockroach infestation.

How To Get Rid of Cockroaches In Your House

If you discover cockroaches in your home, here are a few steps you can take to help eliminate the problem.

A person wiping down their kitchen counter with a green cloth

Clean Your Home

A thorough cleaning doesn’t just help prevent roaches from entering your home, it can help mitigate an active infestation. Cockroaches thrive off finding food scraps or crumbs on your floors, counters, or refrigerator. When you don’t give them anything to feed on, they are less likely to stick around your home for a long time.

Seal Entry Points

Identifying where cockroaches enter your home could allow you to seal those entry points. Common places where cockroaches can enter your home include through cracks in the walls, doors, or windows. You can seal those areas to prevent them from getting in. By using caulk, weather strips, or other sealants, you not only prevent cockroaches from getting in your home but other bugs too.

Roach Bait Stations

When used properly, bait Stations can be an effective way to eliminate cockroaches. A bait station is a small plastic container that contains bait to attract roaches. Once the cockroaches access the bait inside they will either eat it and die within a few hours, or they will bring it back to their nest, destroying it from the inside.

Effective places to put bait stations include:

  • Under sinks
  • Behind appliances
  • Inside cabinets

It’s also helpful to put them anywhere you notice a lot of cockroaches in one area. While bait stations can be an effective treatment for cockroach infestation, it can be hard to tell whether they’ve fully eliminated their nest. We recommend using bait stations as a holdover measure until a professional pest control technician can perform a full inspection.

Insect Sprays

When used correctly, pesticides and sprays can help eliminate cockroaches. However, without proper training, it’s easy to scatter the cockroaches around your home, causing the infestation to spread to multiple areas in your house. Even if you purchase a DIY pest control kit with professional-grade chemicals, you may make the problem worse. We recommend leaving the use of pesticides and sprays to the professionals.

Cockroach Traps

If you visit a hardware store, you’ll likely be able to purchase a sticky cockroach trap that’s meant to catch roaches when they walk through. However, these traps are not an efficient method for getting rid of roaches. If you’re dealing with a true infestation, these traps will do nothing to target roaches at the source.

Contact a Professional Pest Control Service

A frustrated woman holding a flyswatter crawling on the ground chasing a bug

If you have tried DIY methods and can’t get rid of cockroaches in your home, you might need help from a professional pest control service. Brooks Pest Control has experienced pest control technicians at the ready, who know how to get rid of roaches overnight. Our technicians understand how a pest problem can impact your life–that’s why we use non-invasive methods that are friendly to your pets and family.

Benefits of Choosing Brooks Pest Control to Help You Get Rid of Roaches

When you choose Brooks Pest Control to get rid of cockroaches in your home, you can expect the following benefits:

  • A personalized approach: We understand each home and cockroach issue has its own unique set of circumstances. Our exterminators can create a personalized plan to fit your individual needs. We hope to exceed your expectations regardless of your individual circumstances.
  • Eco-friendly ingredients: At Brooks Pest Control, we don’t use harmful chemicals that could negatively impact you or your pets. We use eco-friendly ingredients that can still get the job done.
  • We guarantee our services: When you trust us to take care of your pest problem, we offer a 100% guarantee. Any pest control service we provide comes with a quality guarantee that you will feel 100% satisfied once we complete our service. If not, our team will come back out and provide our services for free.

If you’re dealing with a cockroach problem that you can’t get rid of, call on our team to help. Our company provides high-quality services so you can notice the results quickly.

Contact Brooks Pest Control Today for 50% Off Your First Service

When you sign up today to get rid of cockroaches in Los Angeles, you can receive 50% off your initial service. If you have questions about our services or want to schedule an appointment, contact us today. We can answer your questions and get our technicians out to your house as soon as possible.