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Fresno, CA

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Pest Control Treatment in Fresno, CA

Fresno, a prominent city in the San Joaquin Valley, CA, paints a picturesque scene in the great San Joaquin Valley region. Nestled next to the River Park Shopping Center, our Brooks Pest Control location is easily accessible via CA-41, allowing a 20-minute drive north to Fresno Yosemite International Airport or a 10-minute journey to Valley Children’s Hospital.

For those seeking recreational adventures, a 10-minute drive north leads to Fort Washington, while the eastern direction unfolds the beauty of Dry Creek Trailhead, reachable in just 15 minutes. Fresno is a hub of diverse experiences, seamlessly blending urban convenience with natural splendor. However, pests are indifferent to the city’s beauty. Their primary objective is to find food, and they could intrude into your residence unnoticed.

If you need pest control services in Fresno, CA, turn to Brooks! Our team provides same-day inspections and utilizes eco-friendly pest management methods. Our pest technicians are certified and licensed. Whether you need rodent or mosquito control, you’ll receive top-notch service with guaranteed satisfaction.

Effective Pest Control Solutions in Fresno, CA

At Brooks, we go beyond just treating pest issues. We implement preventive measures to keep those sneaky pests away from your home. Give us a call before noon, and we can conduct a same-day inspection, which is crucial for effectively managing and controlling pests. Our licensed pest technicians treat a wide variety of pests in and outside the house, such as:

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Eco-Friendly Pest Treatment in Fresno, CA

Our dependable pest control techniques prioritize environmental friendliness and excellence, protecting the environment, your family, and non-target species. Our seasoned technicians and EPA-approved products ensure an effective pest treatment that poses no harm while preventing their recurrence. Look to Brooks Pest Control today for premium pest control in Fresno, CA.

Rodent Exterminating Services in Fresno, CA

Fresno holds the fifth spot among California cities regarding the number of rat residents, with nearly 600,000 rats calling the city home. That’s excluding mice, voles, or any other rodents—just over half a million rats in Fresno! Regardless of the weather, rodents seek out homes and places where people live in search of food.

At Brooks, our certified pest technicians utilize glue boards and snap traps indoors and strategically place bait boxes outdoors. After a thorough inspection and eco-friendly treatment, we use copper mesh to seal minor openings around doors, windows, pipes, and vents. This extra protection prevents rodents from entering your residence. We then schedule a follow-up appointment within 45 days for a second treatment to ensure lasting results.

Trust our highly trained exterminators for premier rodent control services in Fresno, CA!

Certified Pest Treatment in Fresno, CA

Our dedicated pest control team is highly trained, certified, licensed technicians and exterminators. That is how you know you’ll receive the best service possible for your pest problems. Start by requesting a free quote online or call us now to schedule an inspection. Explore our special offers page for great deals, like 50% off your initial service!

Service Areas Near Fresno, CA

Pests are crafty, lurking unnoticed in your home until the damage is done. Brooks Pest Control provides outstanding pest prevention and pest treatments in San Joaquin County, offering efficient same-day, next-day, and Saturday services. You’ll find California State University-Fresno near our pest control locaton, just 15 minutes away, and the charming Oso de Oro Park, a mere five minutes to the south.

We have many California pest control locations, such as the nearby Clovis location, while our service areas extend to neighborhoods across California, including Mayfair, Goldleaf, Highway City, and more. We’ll be there whenever you need us!

Fresno, CA Pest Treatment Pricing

In Fresno, CA, Brooks Pest Control delivers professional specific pest type services priced between $79 and $279. Our skilled team specializes in managing common pest concerns such as ants and rodents, offering customized solutions to suit your specific needs. We also offer generic pest control packaging in Fresno ranging from $534 to $996. With a focus on delivering quality service at an affordable price, residents in Fresno can rely on Brooks Pest Control to keep your property free from pests and ensure a comfortable environment for all.

Type of Fresno, CA Pest ServiceAverage Price Range
Ant Control$89 to $249
Spider Control$89 to $249
Cockroach Control$114 to $274
Gopher Control$114 to $274
Rodent Control$99 to $259
Mosquito Control$79 to $120
Stinging Insect Control$84 to $244

Frequently Asked Questions in Fresno, CA

What kind of pest management products do you use?

At Brooks, we pride ourselves on being committed to and transparent with our customers. Our products, which are EPA-approved and environmentally conscious, ensure effectiveness in our pest control services. Take a look at our complete product list online!

Do you have any other Brooks Pest Control service areas?

We do! Across the state, we have over 90 service areas in California, including Van Nuys, Escondido, Fountain Valley, and Corona. If you decide to head up to the Pacific Northwest, we also have pest control locations in Oregon and Washington.

What is the price of a generic pest control package?

In Fresno, CA the average price of our general pest control package ranges from $534 to $996.

Where can I find information on household pests I should keep an eye out for?

We have helpful resources on our Brooks website, including our pest control page and many informative blogs!

Pest Control technician speaking to a woman about pest control services.

Pet and Environmentally Safe

Our licensed and certified pest control technicians use treatment methods that are friendly to pets, families, and the environment. Our customers are important to us – that’s why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the pests come back, so do we.


Same-day and Saturday Service

At Brooks, we’re dedicated to solving your pest problems for good. That’s why we offer same-day and Saturday pest control services – call us before noon and we’ll get the job done.


Don’t wait. Get rid of your pests today!