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Outsmarting Texas’ Tiny Trespassers

In this blog post, allow our team at Brooks Pest Control to show you how to use clever strategies to remove rodents from your Texas home.

Outsmarting Texas’ Tiny Trespassers

Many homeowners throughout Texas have stories to tell about problems they have encountered throughout their ownership. Among the most common issues is the appearance of rodents. While seeing a rat, mouse, or vole in your home or yard might seem like nothing more than a nuisance on the surface, the risks they pose can turn the comfort of your home into a hazardous nightmare.

This is why utilizing effective rodent control solutions is so important to help keep rodents out. Allow our team at Brooks Pest Control to offer you advice and strategies to effectively remove and prevent rodent infestations from happening in your Texas home.

What Are the Risks of a Rodent Infestation?

To start, why worry about rodents? Plenty of health risks and hazards come with a rodent infestation of any kind. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, some of the most common risks that can come with a rodent infestation include consumption and contamination of food and water, bite wounds, and the transmission of disease and infection to humans.

However, are there any differences in risk between the kinds of rodents you have? Let’s explore this question further.

Rats and Mice

Although they differ in various sizes and features, rats and mice are common threats found across Texas. Their constant threat of transmitting disease and contaminating food proved why pest control for rats and mice is vital to the well-being of your home. Some common rat species found in Texas include Norway rats and roof rats. For common mice species in Texas, be on the lookout for house mice and deer mice.

A mouse trap is set inside a house with bait by a woman’s hand.


Unlike rats and mice, which are traditionally pests found inside homes, voles are more commonly found outdoors in yards and gardens. However, their threat to your well-being remains the same as they scavenge for food through your crops and plants. For proper pest control for voles, make sure to maintain a clean yard and remove any unnecessary plants that can provide vegetative cover and food sources.

Rodent Prevention Tips

While it’s essential to be on the lookout for any rodents inside your home, the best way to avoid any issues is to prevent rodents from entering your home and yard. Implement some good rodent prevention practices across your property to do so. Here are some tips you can use to get started:

  • Cut off any potential entry points
  • Remove food sources both inside and outside
  • Maintain consistent cleanliness around the house
  • Keep trash properly sealed away
  • Seal up any potential nesting sites

How to Treat Rodents in Texas

Yet even with preventive measures, there’s still the chance that a rodent will find its way in. As they can reproduce rapidly, it’s essential you take the right course of action to treat any rodent problems present in your Texas home. Let’s look at some of your options for dealing with a present rodent infestation.

Rodent Baiting and Trapping

The two most common solutions for rodent problems are trapping and baiting. For trapping, there are two kinds of traps you can use. The first kind is lethal traps, such as snap traps. These traps are designed to trap and kill rodents quickly. The second type of rodent trap to consider is a live trap, such as a cage trap. These trap rodents without much harm and allow you to release them back into the wild.

A mouse caught inside of a cage trap.

As for baiting, utilize tamper-resistant bait stations along common rodent pathways. These stations should be set up away from the reach of children and pets but in direct contact with potential rodent activity. Follow any instructions given with the bait station for safe use.

Natural Rodent Repellents

Natural repellents, such as cayenne pepper, mothballs, and peppermint, are another way to help remove a rodent problem from your home. These can consist of common ingredients and substances found throughout the house. Although implementing these repellents can significantly help, there are other ways to keep rodents out.

Call on Professional Pest Control Services

For the best results in removing your infestation, call on professional rodent control services for help. Top-notch pest control technicians are specially trained and have the tools needed to drive out any rodent problems you might have effectively. In addition to rodents, the best team of professionals will provide services for other common pests found statewide, such as scorpions, cockroaches, and more.

Get the Best Pest Control in Texas With Brooks Pest Control

There’s no better Texas team to turn to for pest control than Brooks Pest Control. Whether you have a minor problem or a full-blown infestation, our technicians proudly provide quality pest control for mice, rats, and voles to locations across Texas and the country. To get started, contact us or get your free quote for Texas rodent control online today!