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Summer Pest-Proofing: Sealing Your California Home Against Invaders

In this blog, our Brooks Pest Control team offers guidance on effectively sealing your home to prevent California summer pest entry and issues.

Summer Pest-Proofing: Sealing Your California Home Against Invaders

During the summer months, California is known to experience various heat waves and other hot weather conditions. However, with the rising temperatures, summer pests have become more active than at any other time of the year. When these pesky home invaders come into your humble abode, you don’t have to settle for their presence.

Several preventive methods and practices can help keep summer pests at a minimum in your home. In this blog, our team at Brooks Pest Control will show you various ways to apply summer pest control and effective pest barriers for homes in California.

Common Summer Pests in California

The first step in removing summer pests from your home is to know which pests are more likely to infest your California home. After all, different pests are more active during other times of the year, including summer. Let us tell you some common summer pests you might see in your California home.


One of the most common summer pests in California is ants. Similar to humans, ants want to remain warm yet comfortable. However, they tend to thrive under warm climates as they breed under such conditions. Their migration indoors brings them closer to water and food sources and opportunities for sheltering their colony.


Another typical summer pest to watch out for is the mosquito. The combination of a humid climate, along with access to food sources and standing water, is the core to mosquito survival. According to the EPA, mosquitoes are common carriers of diseases such as Zika and West Nile virus, making them more of a threat despite their small size.

 A close-up shot of a cockroach on a lead outdoors.


Cockroaches are another common summertime pest threat for your California home. This is because, similar to ants, they thrive under warm conditions and an abundant food resource. Your home can also become attractive for cockroaches if there are plenty of dark and secluded spaces to hide out in before they become more active at night.

Stinging Insects

Although many species in California have different habits and traits, stinging insects, in general, also pose a threat as summer pests. According to the CDC, stinging insects like bees and wasps are most common during the warmer months but often make their nests in secluded areas like inside trees or under roof eaves. Common California stinging insects include, but are not limited to, yellow jackets, paper wasps, and honey bees.

Summer Pest Control Tips

After you understand the common summer pests and the threat they give off to you and your loved ones, it’s time to start looking into proper summer pest control for your California home.

You can adopt several preventive practices to better your odds of avoiding an infestation. Let our team guide you through six of the most effective summer pest control methods you can use as soon as today.

1. Seal Up Any Cracks and Crevices

Pests often find their way into your home through cracks and crevices found throughout the house. These entry points range from being found near your home’s walls and foundation to near windows and doors. To better your chances against pests, inspect your home’s exterior and seal any holes or gaps you see with caulk.

2. Close Doors and Windows When Not In Use

Another good practice for proper pest prevention is to keep doors and windows closed when not in use. If left open for extended periods of time, various pests can easily crawl or fly into your home. If you aren’t using a window or door, keep it closed.

The arm of a pest control professional treating a garden.

3. Keep Your Home Clean

Cleaning your home regularly is crucial to keep pests out during the summer, if not all year long. Here are some common household cleaning practices to help you get started:

  • Seal food in airtight containers and store it away
  • Maintain proper moisture control
  • Empty garbage cans frequently
  • Pay special attention to pet food bowls
  • Keep wood stored away from home and foundation

4. Maintain a Clean Yard

Keeping your home and its interior clean is essential to maintain a well-groomed yard. This includes trimming vegetation and cutting lawns frequently, removing standing water, and removing leaf litter and debris.

5. Monitor Your Home for Nests

While you clean and maintain your yard, check throughout your home, garage, and yard for nests. Nests are often in secluded areas with little to no human activity, such as inside trees, under roof eaves, below your porch, or in hard-to-reach corners of your garage. If you find a nest in your home, do not panic and take immediate action.

6. Call a Professional for Help

What is the proper course of action when it comes to effective pest control? While these preventive measures can help, they are nowhere near as effective and absolute a solution as professional pest control services. The best team of technicians will not only inspect your home and diagnose your pest problem, but they will also develop a specially tailored treatment plan to remove and prevent future pest issues, big and small.

Get the Best Seasonal Pest Control in California With Brooks Pest Control

When you need the best summer pest control for your California home, go to Brooks Pest Control. Our premier team of pest control professionals will work to get to the root of your pest problem and regularly treat your home to keep pest infestations to a minimum.

To request our California pest control, find your nearest service area or use our online contact form now!