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What To Do About Mosquitos in Santa Ana, California

Not only are mosquitos a nuisance, they can spread disease. Learn how to prevent and get rid of mosquitos in Santa Ana with Brooks Pest Control.

We’ve all been there: we’re relaxing outside in our backyards with family and friends, enjoying each other’s company and the fresh air, when we feel a bite and then an itch beginning to form. Mosquitos: the unwanted, annoying party crasher.

In recent years in Santa Ana, there’s been an uptick in the number of Aedes mosquitos flying around, sneaking up on us outside and even inside our homes. This infestation leaves many of us looking for a solution to get rid of mosquitoes permanently. Read on to learn about some ways to protect yourself from mosquitos and decrease the amount of these insects in and around your home.

The Problem With Mosquitos in Santa Ana

These insects have begun to infiltrate many neighborhoods in our area. They tend to be most active in the early morning as well as the evening. These pests tend to sneak up from behind to bite people on the ankles and the elbows when they least expect it. Certain types of mosquitoes can even carry diseases such as Zika, Dengue Fever, and Chikungunya.

How to Get Rid of Mosquitos

A bucket of rainwater sitting in the dirt next to several potted plants

It’s unclear why there’s been an increase in the Aedes mosquito population around Santa Ana, but there are proven ways to keep mosquitos from repopulating so frequently at your home.

After female mosquitos bite, she lays eggs in or near water, which the larva needs for nourishment until it’s ready to hatch. Because mosquitos need water in order to repopulate, it’s important to be mindful of any stagnant water that might be on your property. Just a capful of water is enough to attract a mosquito. Try the following to decrease the amount of stagnant water around your home:

  • Avoid leaving open drink containers around the house and backyard; drink out of cups that have lids or caps
  • After watering plants, pour out any standing water in the bottom of pots or on the top of the soil
  • Clean up spills immediately
  • Shake out tarps, covers, chairs, patio umbrellas, etc. after rainfall
  • Wipe off tables after eating or precipitation
  • Put covers on pools after use
  • Empty out inflatable pools after use
  • Be sure not to over-water your lawn or outdoor plants

What Keeps Away Mosquitos Naturally?

There are a few measures that you can try to decrease the number of mosquitos flying in and around your home using natural products and methods.

Air Circulation

Use rotational fans to blow air around, making it more difficult for mosquitos to land on you.

Maintain your Yard

Keeping grass short can help prevent mosquitoes from swarming in your yard, as can picking up tarps, toys, or anything that can trap water underneath. Also, make sure to prune hedges and trees to prevent excess shade in areas you don’t frequently use.

Utilize Scents and Aromas

Citronella, lavender, eucalyptus, coconut, and garlic are strong scents that have been shown to ward off mosquitos.

These measures may help to reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard. However, mosquitos often require professional treatments in order to be kept fully at bay.

A citronella candle burning on top of a piece of wood

Professional Mosquito Treatments in Santa Ana

The Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control are conducting sprays around the city to help decrease the number of mosquitos in the Santa Ana area. However, these intermittent sprays are mainly focused on public areas and may not directly affect your backyards or indoor living spaces.

Brooks Pest Control, on the other hand, will come to your home and provide services that are tailored to your specific residence. We’ll inspect your yard, determine your specific situation, and create a targeted plan to eliminate any mosquito infestation. And if you’re unsatisfied with the results, we offer a free re-treatment service to ensure that your property is fully defended against these pesky pests.

Mosquito Control with Brooks Pest Control

The wet winter has exacerbated the number of mosquitos, so we can expect to see quite a few of them flying around this summer. While there are a number of natural measures and methods you can use to decrease the number of mosquitos, the most reliable method is to call our professional team at Brooks Pest Control.

Our effective, eco-friendly treatment will help keep the mosquitos away, leaving you and your family to enjoy the warm summer Santa Ana nights and kick up your feet without the fear of a mosquito biting your ankle. Take a look at our special offers or call us today!